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It is your right as a student to have your views represented in the decisions made at the university. Mälardalen’s Student Union therefore appoints student representatives who are tasked with taking the students’ cause forward in various bodies at the university. The assignment as a student representative is a meritorious assignment which means that you are responsible for students’ claims.

Mälardalen’s Student Union is in charge of the student representatives, so if you have any questions regarding your assignment or other practical questions, you can contact our Head of education. Contact details can be found here.

Student representation at Mälardalen University

There are various bodies at Mälardalen University where students are given the opportunity to be represented. These can be divided into university-wide councils, research councils, education councils and program councils. At Mälardalen University there are four academies where all education and research at the university are included.

The academies are HVV, IDT, EST and UKK. For each academy there is at least one research council and education council, and program councils for each educational program. All programs must have their own program councils held by the program coordinator. In program councils, the entirety of the program is discussed.

In the program council, program evaluations can also be carried out and changes proposed as a result of these. A few students, usually two, who study the program must also be represented in these program councils, and it is desirable if those students belong to different cohorts.

What is a studentrepresentantive doing?

If you are a member of Mälardalen’s Student Union and are a student representative, you will receive a payment for the number of hours you attend meetings and exercise student influence. Focusing on the fact that you represent a large group of students, you attend meetings as a student representative where you represent the students’ interests, not your own.

You will be called to the meetings that take place in the board or council to which you have been appointed. The invitation will be sent to you in advance at the email address you provided.

Please note that after submitting your application you will be asked to send in your CV by e-mail

As a student representative, you are paid SEK 130 per hour if you are a member of Mälardalen’s Student Union. The Head of Education appoints the student representatives who carry out student influence at the university’s councils and committees.

As a student representative, you get a meritorious assignment and a valuable merit on your CV. You register your interest in the assignment as a student representative by clicking on the button above.