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Membership terms

By paying the membership fee through the website, you sign up to become a member at the student union, 878000-7533. Only those who are admitted as a student or doctoral student at Mälardalen University (according to the Student Union Ordinance (2009:769) Section 4) have the right to become a ordinary member. Other people can support Mälardalens Student Union by becoming a support member.

The person who signs a membership does not receive full proof of membership until it has been verified by the Mälardalens Student Union that the student has been admitted at Mälardalens University. Once verification has been done, the membership will be transferred to a full membership and the student can download Mecenat’s app for the membership card.

Before the membership of Mälardalens Student Union is paid, all pre-printed data must be checked. Please contact Mälardalens Student Union if any information is not correct.

Membership is received when payment to Mälardalens Studentkår has been received. The membership card, which acts as student ID and as proof of full membership, is available to download as an app to the mobile phone and can be ordered as a plastic card via Mecenat after the membership fee has been paid.

Paid membership fees will not be refunded.

By signing up for membership, you agree that data is processed and obtained by the Mälardalens Student Union. Data about members is processed in accordance with the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). If a member wishes information about what data is processed by the Mälardalens Student Union, please contact Mälardalens Student Union. A member may request correction of incorrect information.

Mälardalens Student Union reserves the right to use the member’s information after signing a membership for statutory activities, the provision of services, administration, invoicing, customer service, analysis, development, information, marketing and for the fulfilment of obligations under law, agreement, or government decision.

When the member has completed his studies at Mälardalens University, he/she does not need to notify Mälardalens Student Union about this. After completing his studies, the member may choose to become a support member of the Mälardalens Student Union, which means that he/she continues to support the activities of the Mälardalens Student Union even though he is no longer studying.

By paying the membership fee, I agree that the information I provide is transferred to Mecenat AB for the purpose of sending my Mecenat and membership card as well as information about student-related discounts and benefits.

By paying the membership fee, I agree that the information I provide is used by Mälardalens Student Union’s partners who provide discounts and/or benefits to members of the Mälardalens Student Union.

Note: You get your membership card in your phone in the Mecenat app when you are registered at your education. You can order a physical card from Mecenat.