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Mälardalen’s Student Union wants to be able to give the students at Mälardalen University as many chances as possible to make contacts for the future. For you as a company, this means that it is possible to book various forms of events and activities through us.

Booth spaces On campuses in Eskilstuna and Västerås, we have our Kårtorg which companies can rent. In connection with a visit, you can choose any tables, chairs and also order coffee or fika from our café to your stand.

Lunch Lectures The most requested type of event we offer are lunch lectures. It has long been known that students love free. In connection with a lecture or a company presentation, we therefore offer tasty and filling lunch baguettes from our own café. The event is held over lunch and therefore rarely clashes with other lectures or seminars.

Events in the Union House There are several different opportunities in our Union House. If, for example, you would like to organize a case evening with a taco buffet, a presentation or a larger event with stage possibilities, we have unique premises that are suitable for both smaller and larger events.