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Student culture at MDU

Here you can find information that may be useful for your student life at Mälardalen University.


The rookieperiod is the first weeks of each semester, where the line associations together with MDSU and MDU welcomes the new students.

Here you can read the Rookiepolicy  (Scroll down the document for English version).

The welcoming is the beginning of the Rookieperiod on the 15th of January 2024 17:00 at campus Eskilstuna.

Student terms

Here you will find some terms that are relevant for your time as a student at Mälardalen university.


The ovve (student overalls) is a symbol for the student life. It follows along on events and parties “abroad”. The ovve must not be machine washed, but carries with it all your good and not so good memories. The only way to wash the ovve is to wear it while bathing or showering. A lot of students collect different patches that show what adventures they’ve been on.

Rookie symbols

During the rookie period (introduction weeks) all new students wear a symbol that show which educational program they belong to. This makes it easier to recognize new students, and for faddrar (older students that act as mentors) to more easily ensure that all new students get the best possible start.


Lambo is a drinking game where students call up another student to drink their drink to a song. The song continues as long as the student drink their drink. The game is voluntary and works as a fun thing in teams of good friends.


Each program association has a mascot. It often reflects the approach and culture within the association. During the rookie period, rookies are usually challenged to steal mascots from other program associations. If a rookie succeeds, the program association from which the mascot was stolen usually performs a spex to get it back.
Sexmästeriet has a mascot called Nubbe, who is not up for grabs.


There are sittings that are both formal and casual. The casual sittings allow you to wear your ovve and the food is often simple, the formal sittings usually require suit and is a fine dining.

Abroad party

Even though it’s called an abroad party, it’s not always abroad. Most of the time it means that it is in another city, for example Absolut Gotland and Syndafloden. At Mälardalen university the Eskilstuna Winter Games is arranged, and students from other cities travel here to join.

Drinking games

Here you can read about popular drinking games and their rules. You can always join even if you don’t drink alcohol.


6 steady cups are placed in a triangular shape and are filled with optional liquid. You can play with one or two ping-pong balls per team. To settle who will start you play a round of rock paper siccors and the winner decides who will start.

When you throw the ball, either your hand or your elbow (depending on the size of the table) is not allowed to go passed the tables edge. From that the ball has touched the cup and until the ball has touched the liquid, you are allowed to blow in the cup to get the ball out. If you bounce the ball on the table before it hits the opposite players cup, you get points for two cups. BUT the other player is allowed to hit away the ball after the first bounce.

If you play with two balls and they both go into the same cup you also get point for two cups, plus you get to throw the balls again.

Depending on the table you can descide what to do with balls that roll back on the table. Usually if it does, and you are able to catch it before the other player you can throw the ball again with a trickshot, which is some sort of throw where you stile and make it harder for yourself. For example: throw under your leg, behind your back or bounce it against the wall. If you hit with a trickshot you get points for two cups.

If the player who started throwing wins (hits the last cup) the other player is allowed to play again since you both will have to play the same amount of rounds for it to count as a win. If the other player also hits your last cup, you will continue until someone wins the last round!


Get bottle caps without foil, big glasses, a lot of drinks of your own choise and a bunch of friends. Sit down in a circle with a legs width apart from the glasses that are standing in a circle in the middle. Every player fills one glass with their choise of drink. There is also one glass in the middle with a bit of everyones drink in.

The game is played like so that every player sits with their legs crossed and a bottle cap in their hand. The goal is to throw the cap in a optional glass. If you hit, the owner of the glass answeres with a return throw, if they miss they will drink and empty their glass.

Gas gas

Get a drink of your chosing, big plastic glasses, two ping-pong-balls and a bunch of friends. Fill all but two glasses with drinks and put them randomly across the table. All participants stand around the table. Two people on the opposite sides of the table start with one ping-pong-ball each and an empty glass.

You are going to try to bounce the ping-pong-ball once on the table and then in the glass. If you get it in the glass on the first try you can send your glass to whoever you want. If you miss on the first try, you send the glass to the person on your left once you succeed to hit. If you were to hit one of the glasses on the table with drinks in them you need to finish that drink before you continue the game. Your goal is to set your empty glass in the other empty glass and this can only happen if the person on your left has the other empty glass. If someone puts their empty glass in your empty glass you need to quickly take one drink from the table and finish it. After that you continue with that empty glass and the other stack of glasses goes to the person across the table. Don’t forget to play the song Gas Gas by Goran Bregovic while playing!


Step 1: Make sure to get some amount of drinks, anything works.

Step 2: Find someone who knows the game and join. Good luck learning.

Fia med punsch

Get a game of Ludo (the bigger the funnier). Change the game tokens to shotglasses or small glasses that fit on the board. Decide who goes first. Follow the rules of Ludo, but you drink what’s in your glass when you get pushed or if you finish with the token. Tokens that go to start are filled up again and join the game when the opportunity comes. The game is over when all drinks are empty.

Song book

Press the book to find our digital song book! There you will find all programme associations songs and popular student songs. In Swedish.

Ovve rules at MDU

The student overalls are the student’s best friend and a natural part of your student life. It is present at every student event and other students can easily recognize what you are studying or where you are from. Ovvar can be found at most universities in Sweden and MDU is no exception. Below you can read about general rules when it comes to the ovve and changing parts on the ovve at Mälardalen University.

General rules

  • Don’t wash your ovve. You are only allowed to clean it if you wear it, for example when you swim.
  • Place your programme patch close to your heart.
  • Wear your ovve down, but only after your initiation (Eskilstuna)

Tip: Tie or sew your ovve arms to create big pockets.

Every programme has it’s own rules for other stuff like placement of your name, so make sure to check with your programme association for more rules!

Changing ovve parts

  • Pockets are changed between friends.
  • Sleeves are changed with someone you have mixed bodily fluids with.
  • Part of the right leg is changed with someone you have had sexual intercourse with.
  • Part of the left leg is changed with your partner.
  • The collar is changed with your steady parter (if you live together or are engaged).
  • If you change programme you split the ovve in half.