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The Union Board is the executive body of the Student Union. They ensure that decisions made by the union council are implemented and select suitable candidates for paid assignments at the student union.

There are five positions students can apply for in the union board in addition to the presidium. The application opens in March each year. As a member of the board, you sit for a full financial year, from July to June. The union board meets about once a month and then ensures that the student union’s activities flow smoothly. To apply to the board, you need to be a member of the student union.

The board consists of the student union’s presidium, the president of the union council, the chairman of the docotoral council and five student representatives.

Union Board 23/24

Lova Libert

Vice chairman:
Shervin Pirani

Andrea Haglund

Chairman of the Doctoral Student Council:
Jennifer Gothilander

Board member:
Adrian Swande

Board member:
Fredrik Nygårds

Board member:
Jonas Sjöström

Board member:
Majid Azizi

Board member:
Sebastian Grundell