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Sell ​​your old coursebooks without lifting a finger!

Do you have old course literature lying unused at home? Earn money by submitting them to us. We send your books on to Campusbokhandeln (the Campus Bookstore), which sells them to customers all over Sweden. You get 70% of the sale price – Great huh?

How to use:

1. Pre-register the books

Before submitting your course literature to us, you need to create a login and pre-register the books at
In connection with the pre-registration, you will find out how much money you will get from each book sold. If a book cannot be pre-registered, it should not be submitted.

2. Hand in the books

Come by one of our union offices and hand in your books. You can find our opening hours at the bottom of this page.
We send the books to Campusbokhandeln at least once a month – normally we send books on the last day of the month. We send more times a month if necessary. If you want one or more unsold books back within 12 months, you can pick them up at one of Campusbokhandeln’s delivery points.

3. Withdraw payment

When one of your books has been sold, you will receive an email from Campusbokhandeln. You can then go under “Balance and payments” on and choose between having the money paid out to your bank account or buying something from Campusbokhandeln’s website.

Psst! Note that Campusbokhandeln only accepts course literature – although other books can be pre-registered. If you submit fiction, the books need to be active/used in at least one course.

Opening hours at our receptions:

Gustavsborgsgatan 6, 722 18 Västerås
Mon-tue: 10 A.M-2 P.M

J.A Selanders gata 3, 632 20 Eskilstuna
Wed-thu: 10 A.M-2 P.M