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Congratulations to you who have been accepted to Mälardalen University, and a warm welcome to Mälardalen’s Student Union!
This page contains all the information you may need to prepare for your life as a student.

Mälardalen’s Student Union is the “workers’ union” for students at MDU, and as a student at MDU you have the right to exercise student influence through Mälardalen’s Student Union.

As a university student, you are no longer just a recipient of knowledge, you are not just a passenger on an educational journey. You are one of the main characters who can make a difference. Your voice matters and your ideas matter.

Student influence is about us students being able to participate and influence our own educations. It is about us being allowed to take part in decision-making processes concerning our educations and our study environments. It’s about us being able to take part in shaping the future we want.

Us students are not too young or too inexperienced to make an impact. We have knowledge, we have thoughts, we have dreams.
We have the ability to change the world by changing our educations.

Become a member and influence your future!

To-do list for new students

1. Become a student
Follow MDU’s Checklist to get ready for your studies!

2. Learn about student influence

3. Become a member of Mälardalen’s Student Union
Become a member of the student union to give us students the best opportunity to shape our futures. At the student union, we exercise student influence, establish contacts with businesses and ensure that our student social lives are active. Register now!

4. Join The Welcoming

The Welcoming - small

The Welcoming is an event at the start of the semester for all students at MDU, new and old! Here, a festival feel is mixed with food stations, and fun and informative acts on stage. Inside the campus, there will be a fair where you can meet both companies and different parts of MDU. All exhibitors are there because they have something to offer you as a student.

5. Participate in the Rookie period
During the Rookie Period, there is something for everyone: Parties, sittings, competitions, pub crawls, movie and game nights, karaoke and brännboll are just a few examples!

Join the Rookie Period and create unforgettable memories!
At some of the activities, fees for participation may be charged, but of course as a member you always get discounted prices!

6. Download the Hitract app and become a member
On the Hitract app you will find all the events we organize, this is also where you buy your tickets and find your membership card in Mälardalen’s student union. Read more about Hitract and how to buy your membership here

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