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By students, for students, with students

Being a member of Mälardalen’s Student Union is a bit like studying for an exam: voluntary but really smart!

What do I get as a member?
We are your workers’ union during your studies and help you with questions regarding your education, study environment and student housing. In addition to helping our work to ensure quality and exerting student influence at the university, as well as creating contacts with the working life for students, you get nice discounts at our partners, buses, the union house and other things that we organize.

We also offer our members that little extra, for example free coffee on campus sometimes and lots of other small and very good things. We are a membership organization, run by students, for students, and as a member of Mälardalen’s Student Union, you are the one who decides how our business should work! As a member, you have the right to participate in the union’s Council meetings, they are our highest decision-making body!

Help us help you. Become a member too.


Three-year membership: 300 SEK
One-year membership: 150 SEK
Term membership: 100 SEK
Support membership: 150 SEK
Doctoral membership: 150 SEK

Support membership

Being a support member means that you, who are not a student, want to support the student union’s activities and our work for a better student life. As a supporting member, you are not entitled to a hitract card, but you receive a supporting membership card that gives member prices at Kårhuset G6 (not for company orders) and a discount on all student union events.

If you want to become a support member, come to our reception or send an email to

Reception opening hours:

Västerås: Mon-Tues: 10-14
Eskilstuna: Wed-Thur: 10-14

How do I become a member?

  1. Download the Hitract app and create an account
  2. Find our hitClub by searching for “Mälardalens Studentkår”
  3. Press on “Become a member” and follow the instructions
  4. Done! You are now a member!