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The student union council is the student union’s highest decision-making body. It is the council that makes decisions about the overall activities, such as the budget, business plan and other governing documents. They also act as employers for the presidium of the union board.
The union council consists of all our members and those who call and lead meetings are a presidium consisting of the speaker, deputy speaker and secretary. Members are thus those who govern Mälardalen Student Union via union council meetings. You can find more information about the dates of the meetings in our calendar, our Facebook and in the Hitract app.

You can also submit motions (proposals) to the union council, which will then be discussed at the next meeting.

Extra meeting with the Council 29th of February

Date: 2024-02-29
Time: 16:15 ~ 17:32
Location: Microsoft Teams (link to meeting)

Who is allowed to attend?
Those who have an ordinary, support or doctoral membership at MDSU.
Support members cannot vote at the meeting.

Welcome to an extra meeting with the Council!
Agenda and material for the meeting can be found here.
Material for the meeting will be published no later than the 22nd of February.
Sign up to attend this meeting through Hitract no later than the 24th of February.

In this meeting we will decide upon:
• Freedom from liability for the former board.
• Decide upon organizational changes of MDSU.

At the meeting we will also elect an election committee.
The election committee is a group of at least three people that will:
• Read up on job descriptions for the board, area managers, and the council’s presidium.
• Market available positions at MDSU online together with MDSU’s current communicator.
• Market available positions at MDSU at campus (Eskilstuna, Västerås, and Nyköping).
• Receive applications.
• Schedule interviews with applicants.
• Interview applicants.
• Give a suggestion to the council on who to elect as chairman, vice chairman, and members of the board for the operational year of 2024-2025 (2024-07-01 – 2025-06-30).
• Give a suggestion to the current board on which people to elect as area managers for the operational year of 2024-2025.

Does the above sound interesting?
Send in an application to the election committee to
Your application should include the following:
• Name (mandatory)
• Which education at MDU you’re enrolled in (mandatory)
• Why you’re applying (optional)
• Relevant prior experiences (optional)
• Etc.

Would you like to submit a suggestion for decision (motion) to the meeting?
Use the template for a motion found here (if you want to see an example of an motion you can find that here) and email it no later than the 15th of February to

Would you like to submit a question that requires a more detailed answer (interpellation)?
Email your question no later than the 19th of February to

Union Council presidium 23/24

Presiden: Andrea Haglund
Vice president: Malin Sundmark
Secretary: Rebecca Pada


By-law (SWE)
Business plan
Basis of values (SWE)
Template motion (example here)
Template Power of Attorney (example here)



Note: Protocols from 2021-12-12 and backwards are in Swedish.