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The Student Union’s proud partners

Mälardalen Student Union has partners we collaborate with to make student life as good as possible. Thanks to our partners, we can continue to offer students all the services of the Student Union, while our partners get a closer contact with all the wonderful students at MDU.

Are you interested in becoming one of the Student Union’s partners? Contact our Business relations manager.


Mälardalen Student Union is looking for collaborations with actors who in a sustainable and ethical way want to contribute to living campuses for our members in both Eskilstuna and Västerås. It is thanks to the student union’s members that the student union exists, and the idea is that benefits and offers will attract both old and new members to support the organisation.

We who work at Mälardalen’s Student Union are committed and passionate about what we do. The students’ interests are always in the forefront for us and we are constantly working to develop student life on our campus locations. Since the student union works for increased student benefit, it is important that all the benefits we offer are useful and valuable from a student’s perspective. Thus, the benefits should appeal to as large a proportion as possible of the students at Mälardalen’s University.


Mälardalen Student Union wants to be able to give students at Mälardalen University as many chances as possible to make contacts for the future. For you as a company, this means that it is possible to book different forms of events and activities through us.


On campuses in Eskilstuna and Västerås we have our Kårtorg that companies can rent. In connection with a visit, you can choose to add tables, chairs and also order coffee or snacks from our café to your stand.

Breakfast event

If you would rather hold a presentation, lecture or other type of event in the morning, breakfast events are also offered.

Lunch lecture

The most requested type of event that we offer is lunch lectures. It has long been known that students love free stuff. In connection with a lecture or a company presentation, we therefore offer tasty and filling lunch baguettes from the café in union house G6 or union house J3. The event is held over lunch and therefore rarely clashes with other lectures or seminars.

Night time events at the union house

In Mälardalen’s Student Union’s buildings there are several different options. For example, if you would like to organize a case evening with a taco buffet, a presentation or a larger event with stage opportunities we have unique premises that are suitable for both smaller and larger events.

Our fairs

Thrugh collaboration with Mälardalen’s University, we at Mälardalen’s Student Union arrange several fairs. It gives students a unique opportunity to mingle with several different companies, unions and other traders.


Our annual work fair Högvarv is one of our oldest projects and has existed in one form or another since 1990. The fair is organized in Västerås and usually takes place at the end of February. The fair is attended by around fifty companies from different industries. Read more about the fair here!

Intro fairs

In addition to the Högvarv work fair, we also have smaller fairs. Our intro fairs are organized in both Eskilstuna and Västerås at the start of every semester. Their purpose is to inform and welcome new students to campus. At the fair there are a limited number of spots and we would like your company to primarily benefit students who are at the beginning of their studies. Those who usually attend these fairs are line associations, student associations and the University’s departments such as the Student Health Service. Unions and discount providers usually participate to reach out to new students at the University.


Do you want to get exposure to students at MDU physically and digitally? We marketing on campus and on the web.

Toiletpaper - news letter

Toiletpaper is our well-known newsletter that is put up in many bathrooms that students use at both campus Eskilstuna and Västerås. In the letter, we write about things that are happening right now and other small things that are good for students to know. You as a company can contact us if you would like to be seen here.

News e-mail

Every month, the student union sends out a news e-mail to students at MDU. You have the chance to be included in one of our news emails, but you can also send a request to receive your very own e-mail.


We have several places on both campuses in Eskilstuna and Västerås where we can put up posters, job ads or information that you want to get out to students at MDU.

For students

Mälardalen Student Union works in close collaboration local business communities to create opportunities for our members. We collaborate with companies, interest groups and the public sector to build a network between students and the work market. In addition to laying the foundation for our members’ future careers, we get them awesome offers and discounts!

Network for the future

Are you at the beginning of your education and are looking for qualifications to add to your CV? Or are soon finished with your education and want to find your dream job? Then Högvarv is  for you. During Högvarv you will have the opportunity to meet around fifty exhibitors from different industries in the business world. They all have one thing in common – they want to meet students. In other words, it is a great opportunity for you as a student to make invaluable contacts and mingle with potential future employers!

Get involved today!

Make sure not to miss a unique opportunity to connect even closer with the business communities. In order for Högvarv to be carried out we need a happy group of students who work voluntarily as hosts for the companies during the fair. Read more about assignments for Högvarv here!

The Student Union also needs committed people who work to better the students’ time at Mälardalen’s University. Read more about which non-profit and paid assignments you can apply for within Mälardalen’s Student Union here.