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Special educational support

A disability should not be perceived as an obstacle to studying at university. Therefore, Mälardalen University offers various types of support and help so that you can study on the same terms as other students. There is special educational support for those who have a lasting disability, such as dyslexia, ADHD or chronic illnesses that affect your study situation. The support is designed individually based on your needs and can consist of, for example, note-taking support, extended time on exams, a mentor or pre-recorded literature.

In order to take part in the support offered, you must make an application.
Read more about how to apply by clicking here

The university has a coordinator of special educational support who has their office at the Student Centre in both Eskilstuna and Västerås, you can find their contact details below

Coordinator Västerås:

Marie Bergman

021-10 73 96

Coordinator Eskilstuna:

Matilda Shahnawazi

016-15 32 98