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Associations in Eskilstuna

At Mälardalen university there are program associations and student associations whose goals are to make your school years the best possible.

The program associations are bound to different educational programs and are run by volunteering students. They work with educational affairs and arrange study social activities. They also have an important role in introducing new students to the university.

The student associations are not bound to any educational program, they are open for everyone to join. They work with arranging sport activities, parties or with educating about safe sex. When you are settled with your new life as a student you can also engage to make the student life better for you and your co-students!


Äska is money compensation that associations can get for hosting events for the rookies (new students).
Here you find the rules about the “äska” : Äskapolicy

Teacher programs in Eskilstuna


ALF stands for All Teacher Students Association. All teacher programs are gathered in this association, including the Preschool Teacher Program, the Elementary Teacher Program F-3, the Elementary Teacher Program 4-6 and the Subject Teacher Program at MDU. They also take care of those who study supplementary pedagogical education (KPU). ALF is in both Eskilstuna and Västerås, but they are responsible for separate study locations.

ALF has brown overalls (50 shades of brown), baby blue sweaters and has the alien Alf as its mascot. The mascot Alf is a teetotaller and does not drink any alcohol.

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The behavioral science program in Eskilstuna


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Sports association for students


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Economics students in Eskilstuna


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Information design


iDesign is the program association for Information Design. The association consists of four different specializations: Spatial Design, Informative Illustration, Text Design and Interaction Design.

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The innovation program


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Sociology program in Eskilstuna


Morsan is the program association for the sociology program at Mälardalen University in Eskilstuna. We are the ones who wear pink overalls and carry the pig Nasse as a mascot. The name Morsan comes from the time when the sociology program focused on “Abuse, Illness and Rehabilitation”.

Being a member of Morsan means that you as a student are regularly invited to take part in collaborations and activities that we organise. These can be, for example, study evenings, ovvepimp and lectures in collaboration with professionals, future employers or various interest organizations in the field of social work. In addition to this, you also contribute to us being able to create fun rookie periods for our new students – both financially but also by perhaps applying to be part of our wonderful sponsor squad? Membership costs SEK 100 for your entire period of study and promotes student life for both yourself and others.

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The engineering programs in Eskilstuna & Applied AI

Mälardalens ingenjörer

Mälardalen engineers (MI) is a non-profit association that represents the students on the civil and higher education engineering programs at Mälardalen University in Eskilstuna. The programs are

  • Civil engineer – industrial economics
  • Civil engineer – production and product design
  • University engineer – innovation and product design
  • University engineer – innovation, production and logistics
  • Bachelor’s program in applied AI

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Event association for students


Sexmästeriet is the association at Mälardalen University in Eskilstuna that organizes parties and other fun events for you who are students at the school.

The part sex in the word sexmästeri originates from “sexa”, which means party, just like in bachelor party. That is, an association that organizes parties for all program associations at Mälardalen University.

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The nursing program in Eskilstuna


VIPS Eskilstuna is the program association for nursing students and students studying further education linked to the nursing program at Mälardalen University in Eskilstuna.

VIPS Eskilstuna’s board works with both the student union and the industry to pursue issues regarding the study environment, the quality of the education and its design. We do this to give our students the best possible education and therefore ask for our students’ experience of the education.

VIPS Eskilstuna also works to organize various social events, not infrequently together with the school’s other associations. Participating in these events contributes to increased camaraderie and an eventful student life. During most events, our VIPS are most easily recognizable by their red overalls with white knees.

VIPS Eskilstuna also participates in the rookie period, which is an introduction to the nursing program and life at the university. The rookie period is a chance to get to know your classmates, get tips for your education from older students and get to know your new student town during various events.

All nursing students are welcome to VIPS Eskilstuna, both as participants in our events and to get involved in the board and as a sponsor. So don’t hesitate to contact us if you want to be part of our work for a quality education combined with a fun and valuable student life. We can be reached both via email and social media. Perhaps you are our new program council representative or our new general sponsor who is responsible for giving new students the positive experience of VIPS Eskilstuna that we hope to give you?

Before the start of each semester of the nursing program’s basic education, a new class group is always started on Facebook for new students by responsible generals.

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