Your rights

Your rights

When you are a student, it can be difficult to keep track of your rights. For this reason, we at Mälardalens Student Union have compiled information that you can access here on our website. Your rights are regulated partly by laws and regulations, but also by local regulations at Mälardalens University.

Student influence

As a student, you have the right to be represented in preparatory and decision-making bodies in matters related to your education or students’ situation at the university according to law. At MDU, there are student representation in program counsels, education counsels, research counsels and university-wide counsels, but also in temporary projects and groups. The student union represents you in management counsels close to the Vice-Chancellor, the university board and other leading bodies.

Syllabus and course literature

In your course plan, it needs to be stated what examinations are given in the course, how many points the course is and the learning goals that need to be fullfilled. With the course plan, there also needs to be a list of course literature that at MDU has to be published at least 3 weeks before the course starts. Course plans are binding.


As students, you have several rights related to examination. For example, an examination needs to be stated in the course plan to be legitimate, you have the right to do-over examinations you’ve failed and can apply to change the examinator if you haven’t passed an examination twice. You can read more about MDU’s examination rules here.

Course evaluations

According to law, you have the right to fill in a course evaluation after every finished course. You also have the right to know the results and an measures taken. Course evaluations must be anonymous.

Equal opportunity

Since Mälardalen University is a higher education institution, there is a responsibility that all students are given equal opportunities to participate in the teaching. In other words, in order to enable the students to participate in the teaching, the University must carry out work to make it more equal. Through preventive work, where, for example, premises are adapted for accessibility and staff are trained on issues related to discrimination, the university can become more equal.

Equality, discrimination, and harassment

Discrimination is when the university treats a student, or someone who has applied for an education at Mälardalens University, worse than others and when this disadvantage is related to gender, ethnicity, religion or other beliefs, sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression, age, or disability. Harassment refers to conduct that violates a person’s dignity and where the treatment is related to one of the above grounds of discrimination.

Mälardalens University has drawn up a bulleted list for those who feel that you or someone else has been subjected to discrimination or harassment:

  1. Speak up! You have the right to speak out about things that you consider offensive or unpleasant.
  2. Tell someone you trust about the event.
  3. Write it down! Make a note of time, place and what happened. This can be important documentation if you want to take the matter forward.

If you are a student or doctoral student at Mälardalens University, you can get help in the form of talks and guidance from the University’s Student Ombudsman, or Doctoral Student Ombudsman, and the Mälardalens Student Union. You choose whether you want to make a report. It is carried out in writing to the principal of the University.


Do you need to talk to someone? As a student you have the chance to talk to curators, wellness educators and student priests.
Student health care

You can get counceling at the student health care at the university. 

At the student health care you as a student can get advice and support during your study time by curators and wellness educators. All visits are free. They have obligation to observe silence and there are no journals.

University church
No matter faith, background or identity you are welcome to the university church which is located at the Kårhuset in Västerås.

Open for counceling: Drop-in Thursdays at 12.30-14.30, otherwise booked appointments by e-mail or phone. 

Read more about the university church and their activities here.