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Mälekon is a non-profit association of Mälardalen University that manages all students that study Economics, Analytical Finance or International Business Management programs, making Mälekon one of the largest associations in Mälardalen University.


Mälekon’s purpose is to build a sense of unity between the different courses offered at Mälardalen University, and to act as a nexus to facilitate cooperation during the study period, be it for studying or for social activities, both inside and outside of university.


Mälekon also works to help increase the skills of their students, making graduates more appealing for potential recruiters and easing the process of entering the workforce and society as a whole.


Chairman: Theodor Hellgren
Vice Chairman: Hamzah Hajjar
Email address:

Treasurer: Ella Lindell

Secretary: Sarah Moukadam

Chairman Marketing: Caio Sobrinho
Vice-chairman Marketing: Nicole Sahlén

Chairman business: Matilda Sjölund
Vice Chairman business: Linus Persson

Chairman Social: Virginia Hippe
Vice President Social: Melika Azadkhooi

Chair education: Lanya Najm
Vice President Education: Muhammad Ali


Instagram: Malekon
Facebook: Mälekon

Linkedin: Mälardalens högskolas ekonomistuderandes förening