Studentliv Västerås

Opening hours Kårhuset G6
Gustavsborgsgatan 6, Västerås

Café (Glada Gåsen): Monday – Friday: 8.45 – 16.00
Pub:  Temporarily closed
Club:  Check the Orbi app!

Kårhuset G6(Temporarily closed)

Kårhuset G6 is located in Västerås and is the red house on campus. Kårhuset G6 houses the student union’s office and restaurant operations. The restaurant is run by students, for students. Kårhuset G6 has a pub and a nightclub with student-friendly prices and discounts for you as a member of the student union – 25% on everything (except alcohol)!

Kårhuset G6’s nightclub is one of Västerås’ largest and opens its doors on selected Fridays and Saturdays. During the party nights, the premises are filled with dancing and party-hungry students. The parties have varying themes with well-selected DJs on site. If you want to take it a little more calmly, the pub is next door.

Associations also usually hold meetings there and organize LF pubs. An LF pub is a pub where the association can decide on a theme and hold activities during the evening. Sometimes Kårhuset G6 offers special food, drinks and other things related to the theme.

You can find all of the club’s events in the Orbi app.

Pub G6

Student associations Pub G6 is the student union’s evening activity. Pub G6 organizes pub evenings on Wednesdays and Fridays every week. Here you can settle down after a hard day’s studying with your fellow students, drink a cheap beer and eat a good hamburger. Cheap for everyone – cheaper for members!

Klubb G6

Club G6 is the student union’s second evening activity. During the rookie period and about once a month, we throw a big party. This means nightclubs with dance floors that often have fun themes. Before the club, line associations can hold sessions for the students which then end with a packed club until late at night.
kårhuset västerås

Engage yourself

There are several different assignments that you, as a student, can apply for in the union’s operations. The different missions are rewarded in different ways; some are paid, some are completely non-profit and others provide special benefits. Some of the items are rewarded, for example, with a so-called VIP card. This gives the owner, among other things, a discount on everything he buys at the club house and free entrance to nightclubs.

Read more about the posts here on the page and apply now!


The pub manager is responsible for keeping the clubhouse open during the evening. They are on site in the evenings, ordering food for opening days etc. They also ensure that there are choir members for all evenings and that the choirs enjoy themselves when they get involved in the choir hall.

As a pub manager you gain many new experiences, not only how to run a pub and nightclub, but also leadership and communication.

During the time you get involved as a pub manager, you get a temporary VIP card.

Send your application to


Pub assistants work evenings in the pub. The position is paid per hour, which makes it an excellent extra job as it is flexible to combine with studies. In addition to the fee, you are rewarded with a temporary VIP card in the meantime if you work a certain number of passes per month.

The application is sent to


People who volunteer in the evenings at Kårhuset are called kårare. They work in the evening during the club house’s pub evenings and/or nightclubs. As an attendant, you help in everything from the kitchen, bar, wardrobe to cleaning. When you volunteer, you get free food and non-alcoholic drinks during the pass and receive discount coupons for the union house as a thank you for your commitment!

The corps can choose completely freely which evenings they want and can work, and sign up for one evening at a time. Running is a very good way to get to know new people and gain work experience.

The application is sent to

Union associations

A line association or a student association can choose to apply to become a union association. This means that the association enters into an agreement with the student union which forms the basis for good cooperation between both parties. You can read more about what it means to be a union here.

To apply to become a union, send us an email at The application must contain your articles of association, purpose, basis of values and minutes of the most recent annual meeting.

Line association in Västerås

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Teacher programs, language and communication program


Behavioral sciences program


Computer science program, university engineering program in network technology, computer networks and data communication


Public health program


University engineering program in construction technology


Technical mathematics and civil engineering program in robotics


International marketing program


Master’s program in reliable aerospace systems


Analytical finance, economics program and international business management


Master’s program in energy systems, energy engineering program and technical base year

Slottets studenter

Chamber music program


Physiotherapist program


Political science program


Nursing program and midwifery program

Student associations in Västerås