Our mission

Mälardalen Student Union is an affiliated organization and acts as the official student union at Mälardalen University. We are students working for students. Our main mission is to carry out quality ensurance through student influence at the university. Our goal is to make students’ and post doctorates’ time at Mälardalen University as good as possible. In other words, we want our work to ensure our members safety, freedom and taking part of a community.

Student life

Our restaurant and pub is called Kårhuset G6 and is placed in the middle of campus in Västerås. Kårhuset G6 is one of Västerås biggest night clubs and is a meeting place for all students at the university. This extensive business includes café, pub, night club and events. Our members get really great discounts here.

In Eskilstuna, we don’t have a restaurant or pub business, but we’re working on establishing a kårhus there as well. We are offering acitivites at other places such as pub evenings, Open Mic, night clubs and movie nights.

Student influence

The student union’s most important mission is to make sure the university has a working system for student influence. That is, to make sure there’s good quality in every education given from a student perspective.

Since Mälardalen Student Union is the official student union at the university, our mission is to represent every student at the university in decisions where education, study environment and other things that revolve students’ situation are made. The student voice at the university is made of the student and post-doctorate representatives that are seated in different committees. The student union’s managers are also representatives in some of these committees.

A lot of our student influence work is preventive and we’re actively making sure the students’ voices are heard in decisions made by the university. For example, we’ve made sure that students don’t have to write exams during the weekend, that exams are anonymous, that there are more buses between the campuses, introduction of a student and post-doctorate agent, better course evaluation and reminders of upcoming examinations.

Work relations

We also create relationship making activities such as company meetings. Mälardalen Student Union also has their own job fair, named Högvarv. The fair is held once a year. At Högvarv, companies and future employees meet. In other words, students get a chance to get valuable contacts for the future. Mälardalen Student Union acts as a contact web that brings together education and business.