Covid restrictions from the 12th of January

From the 12th of January, new recommendations and restrictions applies regarding covid-19. This will mean several changes in the student union’s business and thus the upcoming rookie period.

The new recommendations mean we may only serve sitting customers in our student union houses. During serving, companies must be 8 people or less. Restaurants can’t be open longer than 23:00, and the last call for serving alcohol is at 22:30. It’s also mandatory to show proof of vaccination if there are more than 50 people attending an event. Recommendations about distance, vaccination and hygiene remain.

During fairs, if the number of visitors and exhibitors exceeds 50, everyone needs to show proof of vaccination. The max number of people allowed during a fair is calculated by that every person on site needs to have at least 10 square meters of space. To keep count on the number of visitors, there needs to be the possibility to block of spaces to count the people going in and out of the fair area.

Since crowds must be avoided, the student union and MDU won’t have activities on or outside of campus that risk crowding, such as competitions, breakfast or handing out material to students.

Here at the student union this means:

  • Kårhuset G6 and Kårhuset J3 have adapted spaces to ensure everyone can keep distance, can wash their hands and use hand sanitizer, and have clear information about how to avoid spreading disease.
  • Parties are cancelled. Sittings will still be held.
  • Line associations get the opportunity to have their own activities in Kårhuset J3 for a limited amount of people, instead of having joint parties. The max number of participants for private events is 50.
  • Pub evenings on G6 will still take place. We will however need to see the proof of vaccination of all customers*. Pub G6 closes 23:00.
  • Café G6 will be open as usual.
  • The introductory fairs will have a digital version, since we don’t have the opportunity to close off areas and count visitors.
  • Breakfast buffets for members are cancelled.

All the changes of the rookie period will be available in the new rookie schedules which will be published this week.

*If a person for medical reasons can’t take the vaccine for covid-19, the person will need to prove this to not have to show proof of vaccination, e.g. through a doctor’s certificate.

Don’t forget to read on MDU’s website about information related to corona and covid-19 by clicking here.